The Modern Way Of Networking

Welcome to the most fun, interactive, and modern way of networking! Our platform is designed to help you connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a business professional, you’ll find our platform to be the perfect place to expand your network and grow your career.

With our innovative features, you can personalize your profile, participate in group discussions, attend local fun events, and join in inspiring service opportunities. You can also share your expertise by posting articles and videos, and connect with other members through our messaging system.

Our platform is user-friendly and accessible from anywhere, so you can stay connected on the go. Join our community of forward-thinking professionals and experience the most exciting way to network!

“A big business starts small.” — Richard Branson.

Our Company

We’re all about creating long-lasting connections that can open up exciting business opportunities for everyone involved. 

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We are a company that simply connect people

We believe people are gifted with talents and skills and should be free to utilize them in all aspects of their lives. We built a community where each member is recognized as the whole person that they are; They don’t have to segment their personal interests from their business or service lives or reserve their gifts for just one purpose. We believe our members and guests are more than just their business. We are people, with interests, gifts and a love for service. 

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We Just Make the Social Interaction Happen

Our unique approach to networking is designed to make it both fun and intentional. Using our online platform and in-person communities, we facilitate opportunities for our members to break through traditional business walls and forge deep, lasting connections. Along the way, you’ll join engaging events, collaborate with other members on exciting service projects, and build your business in ways you never thought possible. So, join our community today and get ready to connect, grow, and succeed!

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Audaciously Celebrating Each Other

Our approach centers around authenticity. We believe in being true to ourselves and making connections with others. Our networking groups meet weekly, allowing members and visitors to share their business and showcase their P.E.T Gift (passion, experience trait or talent). Additionally, we foster connections online in these groups, facilitating business referrals and meeting outside the group to build relationships. We also collaborate on service projects to strengthen community ties.


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The "how's" of growing your community

Our Team

Through our decades of networking and community connections, the Ivey family has expertly crafted a powerful platform that synergizes personal, business, and service lives. Our innovative solution has empowered countless individuals to merge all aspects of their lives seamlessly and become leaders in their field. Trust in our experience to support and guide you towards new heights of success and purpose. With our dynamic platform, you will have all the tools you need to transform your lifestyle, career, and community impact.

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Our Founding Team Members

We are pleased to welcome our colleagues to our Gifts and Giving vision. We take pride in celebrating our founding team members, who believed in our mission from the beginning and played a crucial role in building and creating our very first gifts and giving community. Their dedication and inspiring contributions have enabled us to achieve remarkable results. We express our gratitude to them and acknowledge their unwavering support and collaboration, which have allowed us to move forward with confidence

Tim Buser

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Ravinder Sidhu

R&R Bookkeeping

Dee Fogleman

Star Moving Solutions