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What we’re about

Welcome to “Gifts and Giving,” where we’re not just a networking group—we’re a lively community passionate about making connections that matter. Imagine walking into a space where your arrival is celebrated, your business is embraced, and your growth is everyone’s victory. That’s what we’re all about. We’ve taken networking out of the traditional boardroom and turned it into an engaging, modern adventure.
Here, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals across the spectrum come together to enrich their careers and personal lives. Our innovative online platform and community gatherings are the beating heart.

our vission

Our Vision is to help you expand your network, share ideas, and forge lasting relationships in a way that will feels authentic and fun in your every aspect.

our mission

We’re more than happy to welcome visitors because we’re excited to learn about what you do and explore how we can support your business journey.

We are ready


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Simplify Your Business with Gifts and Giving

how we work ?

The BNI Advantage

Joining BNI isn’t just another professional commitment; it’s a step towards substantial business growth within a positive and structured environment.

Client Satisfaction

Empowering connections, fostering growth, and exceeding expectations to ensure every member thrives within our vibrant networking community.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our secret ingredient is our spirit of celebration. Every guest is a reason for cheer, and our support for each other is unwavering. We believe that networking should be a joyful, interactive experience rooted in genuine connections. We’re here to champion your business and enrich your networking experience with our unique approach.

Introducing P.E.T. Gifts

At the core of our community is the concept of P.E.T. Gifts—your Passion, Experience, Traits, and Talents. We dive deep into what makes you, you—beyond your business card. It’s about discovering common ground, sharing our diverse lives, and building connections that are meaningful on multiple levels.

Rethinking Business Cards

We live by the philosophy that a business card without a genuine connection is just a piece of paper. Our gatherings focus on exploring each other’s P.E.T. Gifts, creating a foundation of trust and appreciation. It’s how we turn a simple exchange of contact details into the beginning of a significant relationship and a pathway to greater business opportunities.

Dive into a networking experience where your business growth is celebrated, your professional development is prioritized, and your network expands in meaningful ways. Welcome to “Gifts and Giving” — where connections are celebrated, and every meeting is a step towards greater success.

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What our members enjoy

●  Increased Business Prospects: Your network will grow, and so will your referral base.

●  Professional Development: Access exclusive training programs that hone your business and presentation skills.


●  Vibrant Networking Opportunities: Engage in weekly meetings that introduce you to a wealth of professionals eager to connect.


●  Exclusive Resources: Utilize tools and educational materials designed to elevate your networking and business acumen.

First Timer? Here's What to Know:

●  Come Prepared: Share about your business and discover how you can form mutually beneficial connections. Remember those business cards!


●  Experience Our Meetings: Attend twice to get a feel for the chapter's dynamics without the pressure to sell.


●  Unique Positioning: With BNI's policy of one representative per specialty, you become the go-to expert in your field within the chapter.


●  Dedication to Excellence: Our members are full-time professionals, ensuring depth of knowledge and quality in every interaction.


what they say?

Members praise our platform for its seamless networking experience, valuable connections, and supportive community, elevating professional growth and opportunities.

The Gifts and Givings customized solutions have been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise and dedication to our success are truly remarkable. Highly recommended

John D. CEO, TechWiz Solutions

We partnered with this Gifts and Givings for a critical project, and they exceeded our expectations. Their support and innovative solutions have driven our marketing efforts to new heights

Sarah P. CMO, MarketMasters Inc

The Gifts and Givings commitment to security and reliability are unmatched. Their solutions have streamlined our operations and provided peace of mind for our IT department

Michael L. IT Director, Global Widgets Ltd

We chose this Gifts and Givings to develop our e-learning platform, and it was the best decision we made. Their expertise in ed-tech has transformed our online education offerings

Emily R. Founder, eLearn Academy

Our financial analytics improved dramatically after implementing the SaaS solution by this agency. Their analytics suite has given us a competitive edge

David H. CFO, Financial Fusion Inc