Our Origin Story

Have you ever wondered why Gifts and Giving was born? It’s a question I love to answer because it’s rooted in the profound desire to be part of something truly enjoyable. Picture this: a fusion of business networking, open mic and talent shares, service projects, and the sheer joy of gifting to others, all blended with the unwavering support and audacious celebration of one another. That’s the essence of Gifts and Giving.

Back in the summer of 2023, when I conceived this idea, I knew I needed a partner who shared my passion for active networking and audaciously celebrating others. Enter my perfect accomplice, my mom, Donna Ivey. Together, we share the art of connecting with people on a deeper level, referring business, and providing support in both professional and personal spheres.

Our weekly in-person business community meetings are where the magic happens. From the moment you step through the door, you’re greeted with audacious celebrations. Our gatherings are filled with lively ice breakers, innovative ways to discover how we can mutually gift each other business, engaging business spotlights, and talent showcases.

But that’s not all. Gifts and Giving offers a monthly Open Mic Talent Share—a space where local music, talents, and encouragement are shared freely among community members. We believe in celebrating each other’s unique gifts, making these moments truly special.

What sets us apart is our commitment to monthly service projects. Each Gifts & Giving community selects a project to contribute time and resources to, recognizing that our success is intricately linked to how much we give back. Gifts and Giving isn’t just about networking; it’s a seamless blend of business, personal connections, and community service, fostering enduring relationships and vibrant communities.

But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what some community members have said:

“You, and Gifts & Giving have been a huge part of making this as successful and positive a year as can be. Truly grateful for all that you do and the friendship we have developed in such a short period of time.” – Dee Fogleman

“Courtney and I have been talking about the space and atmosphere you all have created and how much we value and admire it. It is everything a networking group should be. I felt safe, seen, and appreciated; a genuine seat at the table. Thank you so much for establishing and fostering a welcoming, engaging, open, and warm environment of community members with shared goals and values. I am truly grateful and touched by the experience and your generosity.” – Kirslyn Schell-Smith

Join us at Gifts and Giving, where audacious celebrations and genuine connections await. Your success is not just our priority; it’s our joy.

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