Gifts Reporting

Cheers to our amazing Gifts and Giving Members! Your willingness and enthusiasm to share gifts with one another truly make our community shine. Let’s capture the joy by keeping track of all the wonderful gifts you give. Numbers speak volumes, and we want to showcase the generosity to our visitors. Gift with your heart, give your best, and let’s make a positive impact together! 

Supportive Engagement

Supportive Engagement points are accumulated starting from the conclusion of your last Business Community Meeting, continuing until 8 PM on the day preceding your next weekly community meeting.
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Meeting with a fellow member to gain a deeper understanding of their business enables you to refer with precision. This process also involves identifying target industries and establishing contact strategies. You can write multiple members in this slot.
Sharing A Member’s Information Online/Lead. Sharing a member’s information or writing testimonials online helps generate leads, which can potentially transform into valuable business referrals. You can write multiple members in this slot.
Inviting visitors to our Gifts and Giving meetings creates opportunities for networking and exposure to members’ businesses. Strategic guest invitations aligned with other members’ services can lead to valuable referrals. Write all the visitors you invited and the date they attended the meeting.
Attending and supporting members’ events not only fosters goodwill but also enhances your knowledge of their business, thereby increasing your ability to send relevant referrals. We recommend supporting 3 member events per month to facilitate your ability to provide well-informed and valuable business referrals to fellow members. Write the member’s event you attended and any connections you made at this event.

Gifts Received

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We track and display these numbers to clearly illustrate the strength and collaborative spirit of our network. This helps us to visibly show how actively and effectively we share referrals with each other, fostering a strong culture of support and mutual growth within our community.